ENSEMBLE is an academic and training organization, which keeps education and educational transformation at its core. It believes that the end of education is character.In intent, in mannerism, in essence in everything, our core value in improving the student is reflected and that's why it's a mentoring based organization first and anything else later. Consequently the student is expected to deposit himself or herself to the institute rather than think of themselves as a consumer.ENSEMBLE is not just Civil Services Institute. It is the name of a value-based system, a true educational Endeavour,


More popular as ENSEMBLE, the company ENSEMBLE Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established on 31st March, 2004 with the objective of Career Planning, Career development, Career enrichment and to encourage education through coaching, training, career counseling and develop research and scientific innovation in education, so that our country may be able to generate quality human resource. ENSEMBLE has evolved a variety of strategies and variety of programme equipped to solve various problems in a customised manner. About ENSEMBLE ENSEMBLE Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an education-based company, specialising in training people for various courses and various profile. The organization has been involved in various places for a variety of ex-situ training. ENSEMBLE has since then specialised itself in Civil Services training.



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