Geography-Quality ImprovementProgramme

QIP is a short term mouldingprogramme for students at a very advance stage of Civil Services Mains Examination preparation. An Advanced Course for candidates who have gone through the entire syllabus.It has been designed in such a manner that the candidate whatever he/she has studied, wherever he/she has studied and which ever approach he/she has studied goes on to take maximum advantage out of it. It equips candidates to write and frame any answer from varied angles. It involves discussion of answers of all possible questions that has been asked and the questions that can be framed. It refers to perfection in writing-introduction, conclusion and structuring of answers. It is the only course, and the only programme in the entire country that goes on to give the wining touches to the preparation of Geography Mains. As the candidates go through the session they start learning new techniques, new insights, new methodology, and analysis to deal with the interpretation of the questions, the manipulation of answers, the various flexi modules structuring of answer writing and simplification of the answer presentation with minimum of efforts (input) and maximum of results (output).

It takes care of the problems of those candidates who may have studied the subject, but have not been able to notice flaws and lacunae in their preparation. Although some candidates may have done a comprehensive ground work but are not aware of the finer nuances of preparation which can be related to either—failing to get the dimensions of the topic, or various types and quantity of information, or failing to understand the question with a specific tinge.

The 8-10 day long session is the axis of the entire preparation before one goes on to appear in the examination. The course has been conceived and designed to promote a deeper understanding of all the dimensions of the topic with the same honesty quality and the commitment for which ENSEMBLEstands for. The focus is to give insight into a bewildering variety of questions and the technique of structuring them as well as manipulating the language. The session helps the candidates to answer anything that can be possibly be asked in geography with unexpected ease.

• The 30 hour plus long session is an interactive session with complete focus on the answer writing and attitude building.
• It will be assumed that the students have studied the mains syllabus comprehensively.