ENSEMBLE is an academic and training organization, which keeps education and educational transformation at its core. It believes that the end of education is character. In intent, in mannerism, in essence in everything, our core value in improving the student is reflected and that's why it's a mentoring based organisation first and anything else later.

ENSEMBLE is not just Civil Services Institute. It is the name of a value-based system, a true educational endeavour, whose pride is always in making all out efforts to reform the candidate to bring the best in himdevelopingin them a sincere or committed learner. The whole country recognises us for this commitment.

Over years, ENSEMBLE has developed a complete guidance and support system solely aimed at making students qualify not only in the Civil Services Examinations but many other careers which suits their talent. For more than 20 years, ENSEMBLE has been analysing in great depth the trends and patterns of these competitive examinations. The changes that have taken place in the Civil Services examination over the past 15 years have enabled us to constantly evolve newer and more effective approaches to guide aspirants towards success. More than 1482 students have already benefitted with our highly focused and result oriented strategy. More than 50 of them secured a Rank within All India Top-10. The results of so many years are obviously not a coincidence. They reflect our quality and commitment.

While work for most university examinations can be done at a comfortable and sometimes at a slow pace, a candidate for the CSE does not have much time at his/her disposal and the amount of tasks to be disposed of within this short span of time is truly enormous. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for these examinations within a short time entirely without any support and on one’s own pace.

Understanding the complexity of this challenge, ENSEMBLE follows an approach that is totally in tune with the requirements of these examinations. ENSEMBLE believes that the only way a candidate can be made to qualify Civil Services examination is by enjoying the entire of his/her study period/preparation period. ENSEMBLE believes in the mentoring process of the candidates, rather than emphasizing on teaching separate chapters. This is done by reforming the thinking of the candidates, teach them what is desired, rather than what will make them easy going. It always emphasizes on the prospective building of the candidates.

We provide
  • Scientific and structured course plan
  • Enormously rich study material
  • Gripping and Enriching class lectures to build a conceptual base and develop a perspective
  • Varied tests to test varied capabilities
  • Online and Digital support
  • Mentoring classes
  • Life Experiences by the Dignitaries