The cities, their nature and problems are becoming more novel and still more problematic in their study. Discussions on social and physical systems of urbanisation and the interaction between them in terms of their spatial attributes, including their dimensions, densities, scale relationships, associations and patterns are not easily available in the form of a concrete book. The present book, ‘Cities, Urbanisation and Urban Systems’ is an effort in the direction of bringing out a complete, concrete text book on the aspects of Urban Geography with latest data and analyses. This happens to be the first text book on Urban Geography written by any Indian author. This Book is useful for the Settlement Geography of the syllabus of the Union Civil Services as well as state PCS for Preparation for Geography optional.

The Book is organised into three sections—Cities, the Urban System in which the cities form and Urbanisation.

  1. The Section on cities deals with—
  • the origin of cities,
  • the factors behind their origin,
  • the factors behind the localisation and growth of cities;
  • the type of cities and their classification,
  • the modern names of the cities are assuming;
  • the differences in the city in their internal structure,
  • the theories that explain the differences and the comparison;
  • the nature of the Central Business District, its delimitation and changing importance, the recent decline of the Central Business District, the study of the periphery, the rural urban fringe, its nature and characteristics and the limits of the city influence.
  1. The Section on Urban Systems deals with the interrelationship between different urban places both

horizontally and vertically:

III. The—last section deals with—the various aspects of Urbanisation—the numerical aspect, the demographic aspect and the behavioural aspect. The book ends with a short but recent introduction on problems of Urbanisation. The book is organised in such a manner that it moves smoothly from one section to another, one chapter to another.

The book also contains a comprehensive glossary and a good reference section.


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