Physical Geography comprises of Geomorphology, Climatology, and Oceanography. Geography in India seems to be in its ‘golden age’. Gobally too, Geography is having a ‘nice time’. Thanks to this new “environmental awakening” people must know about environmental hazards, volcanic activity, earthquakes, floods and other day-to-day geographical phenomena that are becoming increasingly important in context to know about our environment.

The basic intention of this book was to provide academic information, with illustrations to help to visualize the concepts in a better manner, add realism to the subject and to neither the interest of the reader.

Of late, the catastrophic events that took place in India like the Latur Earthquake, Orissa cyclone, Uttarkashi landslide, volcanic eruption in Andman Islands, floods, etc. have made such disastrous and long lasting effects on human beings and many have been readered homeless. This is has become important for all of us to increase our awareness about low the geological forces are at work in our physical environment.

Though many books have been written in on Physical Geography in India there has been an urgent need for a comprehensive text on Physical Geography, which can incorporate the traditional, as well as modern concepts, which could be comprehensive yet fundamental and which could be useful for Geography as well as non-Geography students.

I hope that this book would bring in a better understanding of the earth and its dynamic nature.

This book is essentially a text book, designed for the students at the graduation and post graduation level of various Indian universities for Geography. The Book is useful for the Physical Geography Section of the syllabus of the Union Civil Services as well as State PCS for Preparation for Geography optional.

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