General Studies Foundation 2018

2017-18 SESSION
General Studies Prelim Cum Mains 2018

About the Course

One year intensive programme to equip candidates to know every facet of GS preparation which the candidates can follow. The course aims at a complete solution of all the problems a candidate is likely to face in the preparation of GS Mains as well as Prelims conceptwise, materialwise and presentation wise. The course includes coverage of the Mains syllabus from the perspective of 2018. The course has three tiers. The course includes three individual and separate programme.

The course is integrated in a manner that the candidate bridges the gap in his/her bringing up in colleges and schools as well as reform the candidates to meet the new UPSC requirements

The course includes all possible training required to give them the concepts as well as build character in the students.

As part of the course programme, the candidate is provided all possible books and selected series of SSS, edited by Dr. S. Mukherjee and all possible handouts and additional study material beyond which the candidates do not need to look further.

Aims and Objectives behind the Course

The course is helpful to the candidates who want to prepare themselves from scratch. Without any prior knowledge of GS as well as equip themselves with insights to prepare for the Interview.

Target group

Candidates who have no knowledge of GS and no direction for preparation.

Course duration

4THJuly2017 to August 2018

Participation Fees

Integrated GS Mains PT – Rs.90,000/- including Service Tax

Timing of Classes

3.00pm to 5.30 PM.
Mains Course Duration
12 Months

* The dates in the schedule are tentative only & subject to change.Programme& Schedule for General Studies*Provisional

Date Topics Faculty
WEEK-1 World Geography K.S.
WEEK-2 World Geography K.S.
WEEK-3 Indian Geogrpahy KS, GF
WEEK-4 World Historyor Heritage and Culture of India KS, GF
WEEK-5 International relations Animation based
WEEK-6 World History or Heritage and Culture of India PB
WEEK-7 International relations KS
WEEK-8 Heritage and Culture of India Animation based
WEEK-9 Heritage and Culture of India Animation based
WEEK-10 Post Independence Consolidation K.S./GF
WEEK-11 Post Independence Consolidation K.S./GF
WEEK-12 Science & Technology K.S.
WEEK-13 Science & Technology K.S.
WEEK-14 Ecology, and Environmental Issues GF
WEEK-15 Ecology, and Environmental Issues GF
WEEK-16 To be scheduled
* The dates in the schedule are tentative only & subject to change.


Regular Members Abbreviated Names used Visiting Honorary Members
Sri K.Siddhartha KS Sri B. L, Vohra IPS
Sri K.Siddhartha SM Sri Vikram Singh IPS
P. Bansal PB Sri P. K. Siddhartha IPS
Sri Adarsh Kuar AK Sri M. Singh Scholar
Sri Md. Tarique AK Sri S. K.Jha IAS
Sri Zulfiquar Md ZM
Guest Faculty GF