Geography Optional

For Mains
July 3rd 2017
Duration: 3.5-4 months

The course aims at a complete solution of all the problems a candidate faces in the preparation of Geography Mains, conceptwise, material wise and presentation wise. As part of the course programme, the candidate is provided selected series of SSS, edited by K. Siddhartha, Books by K.Siddhartha&S.Mukherjee and all possible handouts and additional study material beyond which the candidates do not need to look further.

The course includes Quality Improvement Programme (QIP), and APSIP (Test Series).

Tuition fee: Rs. 49,000/- (inclusive S. Tax)

Geography Optional Schedule

5.00/6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

India Physical KS 3rd July-15th July (Mon. to Sat, Mon-Sat)
India Natural Events KS 3rd July-15th July (Mon. to Sat, Mon-Sat)
India Resources KS 3rd July-15th July (Mon. to Sat, Mon-Sat)
Ind. Agriculture SM 1 Week (17-22 July)
Ind. Industry KV 1 Week (24-29 July)
Transport Settlement KS 1 Week (31 July-5 Aug)
Regional Planning KV 1 Week (7-12 Aug)
Political Geog. KS 1 Week (16-20 Aug)
Ind. Economy GF 1 week (21-26 Aug)
Models & Theories, Settlement SM 1 Week (28-2 Sept)
Population & Settlement KV 1 Week (4-9 Sept)
Economic, Settlement & Models KS 1 Week (11-16 Sept)
Climatology KV 1 Week (18-23 Sept)
Geomorphology & Oceanography KS 2 Week (25-7 Oct)
Bio Environment GF 1 Week (9-15 Oct) 2 oct. Holiday
Buffer 1 Week

What the students will get
As part of the course programme, the candidate is provided selected all relevant books written by K.Siddhartha and S. Mukherjee, Short Smart Study Series comprising 15-20 booklets, Xerox of Synopsis.

Mains course for 2017& 2018
The course has been designed to promote deeper insight and learning into the subject. The focus here is on extensive 'approach confined learning' that will touch every dimension of the topic to give a real holistic viewpoint so necessary an approach required to qualify for Civil Services.

The 300 hour session excluding QIP will be essentially lecture based session. The sequencing of the topic has been so designed that the candidates having no prior knowledge of the subject can cruise comfortably, despite the fact that familiarity with the topics and the basics may be lacking. Throughout the session it is never assumed that the candidates have any basic idea of the topic but unless the candidates follow the topic systematically, for a semi scientific subject like geography it is very difficult for the candidates to comprehend the topic.

Faculty support

Faculty Structure
  • K. Siddhartha (KS)

  • S. Mukherjee (SM) Author of Vol-I, Vol-II, Indian Industry, Cities Urbanisation and Urban System, A Modern Dictionary of Geography
  • K Vivek (KV) Qualified Candidate

  • V. Ojha (VO) Qualified Candidate

  • Guest Faculty (GF)

Quality Improvement Programme (QIP)(Geography)

QIP Equips candidates to write and frame any answer from varied angles. Discussion of answers of all possible questions that has been asked and the questions that can be framed.Perfection in writing-introduction, conclusion and structuring of answers. This basically helps co-relationship of inter-topics.
This is the onlyQuality Improvement Programme for Geography that is done at ENSEMBLE.

Fee: Rs.15,000/- + S. Tax.
Note: Not payable for Students enrolled in Geography Optional

Answer Presentation Skill Improvement Programme (APSIP) (TEST SERIES)

Discussion of the important questions strictly from the examination viewpoint. Includes answer writing practice and evaluation with feedback. Problem solving of the candidates at an individual level and model long answers and short notes of the most important topics will be provided.

Fee: Rs.15,000/-+ S.Tax.
Note: Not payable for Students enrolled in Geography Optional