How Ensemble Distance Guidance Programme adds to your preparation without being in Delhi

1.  100% coverage of the prescribed Civil Services Syllabi.
2.  In-depth coverage of each and every topic in a manner suitable to the demands of the IAS Examinations, so that you do not have to go through any extra material at all.
3.  Regular revision and update of materials.
4.  100% same material as provided with the best classroom programmes, of India.
5.  All content prepared under the watchful eyes of Chief Editor Dr. S. Mukherjee.
6.  Hundreds of books, journals, magazine and web-resources referenced while preparing the materials.
7.  Model Answersincluded in each course.
8.  Answer Evaluation & Feedback of some of the qualified candidates for descriptive answers.
9.  Doubt Removal through e-mails.
10.  Option of contact programme with Ensemble's mentors in specific cities for one week included in each course. These sessions will be conducted before the Examination for final stage strategic discussion.