Geography Test Series

Answer Presentation Skill Improvement Programme (APSIP) Test Series

APSIP is a weekly guidance programme for Geography Optional Mains. The programme seeks to correct the flaws in the candidates concept and writing ability before the Mains examination, so that the candidates go on to maximise their gains from the examination with the minimum of effort.

The programme seeks to meet its aim by regular meetings and tests, discussion and evaluation of tests for developing their best presentation techniques. APSIP seeks to improve the answer presentation capability of the candidate for the Mains.

The tests are followed by one hour of intensive discussion of the questions followed in turn by their evaluation and feedback.

Motive of the Programme
Discussion of the important questions strictly from the 2017 Mains examination viewpoint.Answer writing practice, development of writing style strictly demanded by UPSC.
Evaluation with feedback and Model answer framework on the same lines as demanded of Civil Servants.

Course Duration
2 months

Participation Fees
Rs.15,000 + 2700 GST =17,700/-

Timing for the programme
Timings for the programme will be 10.00 AM to 1:00 PM.


Test No Test & Discussion Date
(Discussion on the same day)
    Paper I
Test 1 5th Aug. Saturday Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography
Test 2 12th Aug. Saturday Biogeography, Environmental Geography
Test 3 19th Aug. Saturday Population Geography, Economic Geography, Settlement Geography, Models in Geography
Test 4 26th Aug. Saturday Perspectives in Geography, Regional Planning
    Paper II
Test 5 2nd Sept. Saturday India Physical, India Resources, India Contemporary
Test 6 9th Sept. Saturday India Agriculture, Indian Industry, India Trade & Transport
Test 7 16th Sept. Saturday India Settlement, India Cultural Setting, India Regional Planning
Test 8 23rd Sept. Saturday Geography of India
Test 9 30th Sept. Saturday Full Syllabus Paper I
Test 10 30th Sept. Saturday Full Syllabus Paper II