A self assessment and practice programme is that which helps to complete the preparation of Prelims Exam within stipulated frame of time with standards that rise up to the requirements of the exam taking care of the problems faced in solving Multiple Choice Questions due to closeness between options as well as occasional ambiguity faced in interpreting language of the question.

The tests comprise four types of questions the way they are dealt within UPSC exams
• Fact based.
• Observation based.
• Observation based.
• Current based.

Procedure for availing SAT
• Log in to chapters, or on to Test Series
• If you are solving questions from Test Series SAT, then every test has an inbuilt video answer solution for registered students.

Exhaustive video discussion, using multimedia and animation, after test is conducted to enhance the analytical ability and provide a solid revision base for the candidates.

Mock Test Instructions
Questions: 100
Marks: 200

o Each correct answer carries 2 marks.
o The penalty to every wrong answer is -0.666 or 1/3 marks.
o If no answer is given by the candidates to a question, then there will be no penalty for that question.
o Questions can be answered in any order.
o Candidates may flag questions for a review using the button given before each question.
o Once you complete the test click on submit.